Here to invest and empower entrepreneurs

We are here to provide early stage growth capital and real business help for entrepreneurs in game changing companies.

Turning our entrepreneurial and business experiences into your growth is our drive.

About Glass Frog Ventures

Glass Frog Ventures is a group of four experienced entrepreneurs and business angels that joined forces to invest in early stage growth companies. 

The group knows and trusts each other very well, and we all have our wide range of experiences and learnings to share for your growth. We have led large corporates, started businesses, also failed some, build new products, invested in many and have an extensive network.

We have learned from experience that by combining funding with true engagement, we are able to ignite early stage companies on their path to success.

We also aim to lead or contribute to follow-on investments of our successful portfolio companies.

Glass Frog Ventures participates in the Seed Business Angel arrangement of the Dutch governement.

What we are looking for

Early stage innovative companies. Headquartered preferably in the Netherlands. Ticket size €50k – €500k.

Sure, we are looking for some existing revenue and an excellent, scalable business plan. But we are also looking for something special in you that resonates with us.

You can impress with

You have an intuitive sense of problems as customers see them and focus strongly on solving these customer problems, this is your drive.

You have Grit, the type of person that pushes projects forward without being told to do so; impatient, wants to make things happen.

Sound self reflection on strengths and weaknesses, great if we can add value to make the team even stronger.

The business model is scalable.

You have a Grand Vision and a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

The founding team shows relentless ambition to achieve its BHAG.

Product / service addresses real customer demand / pain points. This has been proven through real customer interaction.

Prefer quality over quantity, i.e. realism is more important than enormous detail. Unit economics must be sound. Team ability to execute is more important than a pumped up business case.


Rolf Fouchier

I have many years of CEO level experience focusing on growth and transitions. Years ago I turned my own career around towards an entrepreneur, start up builder and investor. No more suits and ties, fancy job titles, realizing true impact matters.

Together with a team, I love to bring positive change and drive results. Passion for renewable energy and innovation.

I like to engage on proposition building, sales and leadership development.

Steven van Houwelingen

Since I was a small child I have always been intrigued technology. I was constantly trying to find things out and building stuff.

I was privileged to continue to do so when I started my own company.

Now I have a passion to help ambitious entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Arnoud Kamerbeek

I enjoy helping the companies we have invested in with advice and hands-on support that is rooted in practical experience. I am the CEO of AI scale-up Jungle, and there are many common challenges in the growth path of my own company and that of the companies we have invested in with GFV.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I cut my teeth as an engineer, consultant, board member and finally the CEO of several large industrial companies. This has helped me build a strong network.

Ronald Loggers

Curiosity, opportunism and improvisation have driven me throughout my personal and professional life and fostered a broad interest in science, finance & investment, economics, and entrepreneurship. I bring C-suite and leadership experience in various roles and in numerous sectors and companies.

As informal investor I like to have a skin in the game. I enjoy working side-by-side with talented entrepreneurs and help to translate their innovative technologies into commercially viable businesses. Focus on sustained funding, deal structuring, a good team and aligned interests are key success factors I can contribute to.



GetFocus provides insight in the Technological Landscape of the Future by turning the world’s patent data into predictive intelligence.


Leading scientific consumables and instrumentations companies use Scitodate to Segment their market, Generate Leads, Perform Market Research, and find their competitor’s strongholds.


The glucose sensor for everyone. Sensible creates an affordable, painless, and re-usable glucose sensor. 


GBMS offers a SaaS warning system monitoring the loads in container stacks in real time. This secures safe shipping, and a reduce loss of containers at sea.

Recrubo makes job applications as easy as possible for both the applicant and the recruiter by using a chatbot, resulting in more hires faster.

Snapio is a global platform with a community of photographers at top locations. They make free photo shoots at the most beautiful spots that can then be viewed and purchased digitally.


Aavalor GreenTech develops graphene-based water filtration technology. They target global water crisis and offer solutions for wastewater and desalination industries.

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